ACCEss Control systems

Access control is used to limit the movements of unauthorised persons to sensitive or restricted areas of the premises. The most basic part of access control is lock and key, however it is not always convenient to physically unlock a door each time you need to access an area, plus the fact that keys can be easily copied.


To overcome this, a digital keypad can be fitted and the door released by entering a personal code into the digital keypad. This will eliminate the use of any physical keys.

The same idea can be used by using a swipe card or proximity fob. More and more companies have started using a PC driven access system, giving managers full computer control over adding or removing users. They can also set different access levels or time slots for different doors. They can also restrict certain areas at certain times.


Hi-Tech Security currently maintain access systems for some of the countries better known companies, As with all electromechanical systems, regular maintenance is the key to continued sucessful operation.  Hi-Tech offer a range of maintenance packages to suit all budgets, 247/365.




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